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Sage Bundles

handcrafted with wild sage, herbs + crystals


Sage bundles handcrafted with wild sagebrush, sacred herbs, flowers and healing crystals for a powerful incense ritual. 

The sacred smoke from dried sage and other healing herbs is cleansing and will cast out negative energy in a space or person. Burning sage can have a direct effect on your mood to promote wellness, mental clarity, focus, better sleep, as well as decreases airborne bacteria in your home.

The sage burning ritual can be used to create happiness, love, prosperity and healthy meditation habits.

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Our sagebrush is wild foraged in the mountains of Eden, Utah. The sagebrush species used in our sage bundles is "artemisia tridentata," which is an aromatic shrub that is used for its healing and cleansing properties.   

 Our goal is to bring love, wellness and abundance into your daily life. Using the alchemy of sage smoke, smudge with only good intentions and keep your home, aura and space balanced and prosperous. Connect with the spirit of sage and the earth from which it came from. Let us bring wellness and love to all who burn sage with us.